ComeOn are actually one of the youngest bookmakers that we have covered on the site. They were formed in 2010, which by no means makes them new to the betting industry anymore, but it does mean that they have had considerably less time in which to build their brand, which would then in turn make them smaller than most.

What’s been impressive to see from ComeOn is that they have been keen to keep improving and moving forward. The site has seen many changes in a relatively short period of time, but all changes have been implemented in order to improve what they already have.

In 2019, ComeOn Left the UK to Focus on Europe

After almost a decade in the UK market, ComeOn left for pastures new in 2019 for what they called 'strategic business reasons'. This was after some big fines were handed out to other companies, and ComeOn had to fight too hard for customers in the UK.


ComeOn Football Screenshot

As part of the company’s growth, it’s been important for ComeOn to make sure that football betting is right at the very heart of the bookmaker. What you will find is that the sport gets more coverage than any other sport on site. In fact, coverage is almost double that of tennis, which is the second biggest sport in terms of markets that are on offer on the site.

Whilst this isn’t necessarily something that is uncommon within the industry, we were surprised to see just how big a role the sport plays. Whilst we will mention horse racing later in this article, it is clear just how important football betting is to ComeOn.


As with all our reviews, the first place to initially look is that of its pricing structure. So, ComeOn aren’t actually on any odds comparison sites, which does make it a little tricky, but we’ve still been able to get a decent look at how they perform by using more traditional methods of working through different betting markets.

We actually had a bit of base to use with ComeOn as we had reviewed them only a few years prior to this review. What we will say is that their pricing structure back then was erratic at best and to be honest, not really something that we would be looking to promote too hard.

But, the bookmaker now is so much better than we had seen previously. We would state that they were pretty much always within the top 20% of bookmakers for short priced favourites, which is a really good turn. As prices started to lengthen, the consistency started to waiver somewhat and we found that this number probably expanded to as far as 60% of prices for these bets. That being said, this isn’t all that uncommon for longer priced markets.

One thing that did stand out was that they were actually rarely best priced. There were a lot of occasions where they were just behind, and they were never far away, but the lack of best prices from the markets that we tested, has to go down as a negative. Whilst improvement has been seen over the last few years, we all agreed that ComeOn aren’t the sort of bookmaker that would be best used as someone’s “standalone” option and would have to be used as part of a betting armoury.


The football betting section is the biggest part of the ComeOn bookmaker, without a doubt. The site is able to offer a huge range of leagues to choose from all over the world. Leagues as far and wide as China, Oman, Romania, Venezuela and Vietnam give you an idea of how in depth this section is.

The domestic leagues within the likes of England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France are where the bulk of games and markets are found though. We would say that their coverage is as good as anyone’s here and whilst the majority of the bigger bookies are all very similar when it comes to leagues and tournaments that are on offer, we’d definitely say that ComeOn are right up there with the best and there wasn’t any that were glaringly obvious as being missing.


The good coverage extends into the markets that are on offer for these games, as well. You’re going to be looking around the 100 mark for most of the higher profile matches, which is solid, without ever being amazing. But whilst there are bookies that are offering over 300 markets for a single game, the reality is that very few punters need this many and even fewer actually take advantage of the wider selection anyway.

The markets are broken down into segments that include goals, halves, cards, period and specials for the most part. Again, the markets are very much as you would expect from this type of coverage, but we did notice that for the goals section they include “goal crazy”, which means you can take huge Over/Under betting lines, going up to over 7 for some games, which is about as big as we have seen.


The specials section is definitely an area where we think bookies are able to separate themselves from the masses, which is what ComeOn have done. Some of the bets here include 1st throw in, last throw in, penalty (yes or no), 1st free kick, 1st goal kick and so on. Nothing that’s going to set the industry alight, but a welcome addition nonetheless.


Each game comes complete with a stats section from that of Sports Radar. These guys are a third-party company, meaning that ComeOn basically pays them a fee to use their software and then run it on their site with their own branding. It’s very common and pretty much all bookies these days use a third party like this.

Sports Radar are one of the newer companies to offer this service, but for us, they are already one of the best. The level of information is amazing, with everything from basics such as current form, previous head to heads, last matches and location. But it also includes players specific data such as most goals and assists, bookings, total over/under goals and loads more, which are targeted more towards that of betting markets than anything else.


ComeOn Horse Racing Screenshot

The in-play betting section might just be our favourite feature on the site and one of the main attractions for potential new punters to take advantage of. The first thing to highlight is that of how it looks, which is super sharp. ComeOn has massively upped their game in recent times with their whole design layout and the in-play betting section is an area that hasn’t been left untouched.

This section also come with a great filtering service. You’re able to just show games from football, before then being able to use the “favourite” function to highlight the games you want and pin them to the top of the screen. We also liked that as games were about to start, it gave a countdown timer for that game as well, which is a function we think might be exclusive to ComeOn, which is great.

As you move into the games, the first thing that really strikes you is the “Visualisation” section in the right-hand toolbar. The match centre here is one of the best that we have seen and includes so much data for pretty much all games. You get to see exactly where on the pitch the ball is, who is in possession and it even zooms in on the pitch something major happens, such as cards, corners and goals.

The statistics section is found just below the match centre and again, the level of detail for this is mightily impressive. Everything from goal attempts, shots on target, off target, corners, free kicks, offsides, cards, throw ins, saves and fouls are all on offer. It also breaks down each teams possession for the game showing if they have been keeping the ball safe, attacking or mostly in dangerous attack mode.

Horse Racing

ComeOn Horse Racing Screenshot

Whilst horse racing seems like an obvious choice for all UK and European facing bookmakers, ComeOn have only fairly recently started incorporating the sport into their book. In fact, we remember that not all that long ago we were criticising them for not being able to offer what is the second most popular sport to bet on in the UK.

So, the inclusion of horse racing betting on the site has been one that we were really pleased to see. It’s hard for younger bookies to come out all guns blazing and offering everything at once, we realise that, so being able to now offer a really solid racing section to accompany that of football and other sports, is a huge step in the right direction.


The pricing on site seems to be really reasonable, as well. We’ve been able to test a number of races throughout the day that we were testing, and we found that ComeOn were very solid. They were able to hold their own for pretty much all of the favourites and whilst not always best price, they were never far away really.

The only issues that we found was for the longer priced bets. It’s the same story as football really, whilst the lower priced bets were nailed down, they obviously aren’t as keen as taking the longer priced bets and having too much exposure here. There were times where they were offering some of the worst prices in the markets for bets that were 20/1 and greater. When you’re up at this price point, it means that even small changes can result in a massive difference in terms of the winnings that punters can take home, so bear this in mind.

What we will say is that this could literally be variance. We can only test what’s in front of us on any given day and horse racing can be quite limited, so it is possible it’s not a true reflection of their overall horse racing pricing structure.


The UK and Ireland is going to be where you are going to get most joy from the site as it’s here where the vast majority of races are covered. You will find that races will be online from early evening the night before and move from Antepost to “live” as they go live.

It’s unfortunately at this point where the horse racing section tends to fall away a little bit. As you select the race that you want to bet on and head into the race card, the information on offer is very basic. It’s a traditional looking card, with number, horse name, weight, age, jockey, trainer and price all on offer. But, there is no form information nor is there any racing information from the likes of Timeform or the Racing Post, which many of the bigger companies now offer for free.

Market Coverage

This may be something that people aren’t that bothered about, but it certainly doesn’t go above and beyond at Comeon and isn’t an area we would recommend in a hurry. The market coverage is also very basic in that you get to bet on the win, each way and the forecast, with that being your lot. Whilst it’s not the best horse racing section we have seen, it does function pretty well, and it will come down to personal taste in terms of what you need from this section of the bookmaker.


ComeOn General Horse Racing Image

The international coverage is pretty thin on the ground if we are being honest with you. At the time of writing, there were a couple of races that were upcoming at Baden-Baden in Germany, which shows there is a market for them. But, when you click on the “Future” races, essentially being Antepost, only three races are included here, with two races from France and one from the US.


Tracking down the Antepost section can be done by simply looking across the menu section in either the UK and Ireland section or the International section and selecting the “Future” tab.

Coverage of these races is massively impressive, with over 30 on offer as we were researching. All the races seemed to offer up a really good number of runners as well, which is not always something that we are greeted with here. The odds seem to be competitive as well and, whilst this section is very hard to compare to others given that their fields might be different, from what we found, they looked to be pretty decent value.


We’ve spoken a couple of times in this review already about the fact that the site has changed a lot over the last couple of years. If we’re being honest, the original design was one that worked to a certain extent and for a new bookie was fine, if a little dull.

The current format of the site is so much better and really allows ComeOn to try and compete with a much higher calibre range of bookmakers. It includes subtle colour changes for features such as fast markets and live betting, whilst keeping promotions and adverts to an absolute minimum.

The site works and functions really well. They include a breadcrumb layout, which means that as you work through sports, then markets and into certain bets, you can always see where you have come from with the bookmaker allowing you to just jump back one strep to where you have come from. This may sound like a pretty basic, straightforward thing, but you would be really surprised to see how many send you back to the start, which is massively frustrating.


The casino side of the business was actually where ComeOn started back in 2008 and it was this that allowed them to get a firm foothold within the gambling industry. The casino now uses a number of different game developers that come in the form of the PlayTech, Microgaming and NetEnt, to name just a few of over a dozen in total.

They hold over 500 games in total, but the site is constantly changing to include new games and also removing old games, which is vitally important. We were also impressed to see that they have a dedicated live casino section as well, allowing punters to take advantage of a wide range of table games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and three card poker.